Advertising Logos

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  • Name: Advertising Logos
    Item No:YTH-12
    Packing size:
    Shippingway:By sea,air ,express

    Product details:

    Cartoon material: conforming to the EU and us export standards, with the thickness of 0.55 m or 0.9 mm, 1000 d, 6p PVC mesh mesh quality material

    Cartoon size: this series of products have many different shapes and sizes, which can be customized according to customer's needs.

    Cartoon color: the main color of the material is: red / green / light blue / deep blue / yellow / orange / black / grey / white. 

      Any of your favorite colors and patterns we can print out, beautifully presented you want the visual effect.

    Cartoon design: more than 10 years of experience in the design team to design for you.

    Packaging Details:

    1.Products packed in durable PVC tarpaulin(the same material of products)

    2.Blower packed in carton

    3.A repair kit(includes glue and some pieces of same color as the products)