Guangzhou Yitonghuan Engineers


Has been known to the vast numbers of people in the industry,
Guangzhou Yi tonghuan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. domestic mobile water park professional manufacturers. At the same time also won a good reputation in the industry. About Guangzhou YiTong Huan , our customers and friends the most known is that a group of unknown to the public, that a group of extraordinary business elites but today Xiaobian to introduce here standing in front of the business elite skilled device engineer! With their professional skills, skilled operation, sincere advice, quietly closer to Guangzhou Yi tonghuan and the vast number of customers, friends, the distance between!
After all, device engineers play a vital role in customer management! Because of this, not everyone can become the device engineer of Guangzhou Yi tonghuan company. The professional training and inspection and screening of the equipment engineers for several months are inevitable. Finally through the determination, can be independent of the device is qualified, before they can enter the customer's business site!
In another year, the busy season of mobile water amusement park is coming from hot summer. And also to the busy hours of installation engineers at the  Yi tonghuan pleasure company in Guangzhou. Mobile water park business early, Guangzhou Yitonghuan will reach the client deployment device Engineer for the measurement of business site, venue planning guidance, professional, and then arrange according to the actual situation for customers to make more suitable product renderings park!
At the device stage, when everything is ready. The installation time is usually 1--3 days depending on the number of sites and equipment. During the device engineers in addition to equipment, but also need to be responsible for moving water park on-site training, such as the quality of maintenance, the maintenance of peace park, confirmed its fully learned before leaving!
Guangzhou Iraq child Huan Device Engineer will not idle, customer management process. The company will arrange for him to go to the customer's business site for a comprehensive return visit, and face to face to help customers solve the actual problems encountered during the operation, so as to help customers truly realize the worry free operation.
After the operation of the mobile water amusement park. The installation engineer will still come to the customer's site, instruct the assembly methods and precautions, and keep the necessary precautions!
Just to protect the worry free business, it is this group of customers go to the customer line, and customers face to face device engineers, so as to protect the customer's paradise from the ground. At the same time, let Guangzhou Iraq Tong Huan services are well aware of the vast numbers of customers! Also let Guangzhou Iraq children Huan brand more popular!