The price of mobile water amusement park?


Today, Xiao Bian saw an article titled "low price competition": "starve to death", "exhausted oneself", "pit dead customer". Not to think of their own aquatic entertainment industry status quo. >
For customers, the basic needs are good products, no matter which industry. They are all high quality products. In the trading market, to buy things well, of course you want to pick cheap, but this is behoove because of the idea of the customer, so that some unscrupulous businessmen from the loopholes, the customer can not identify the quality of products, the price advantage to attract customers, but customers can really buy the ideal of low-priced quality products? The answer is no.!
The product one after another problem in the process of operation, will only make you petty suffer a great deal. Guangzhou Yi tonghuan  inflatable products Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of mobile water park, every year will encounter such customers: last year, in certain manufacturers to buy a set of water park equipment. I made a total loss last year, because at that time, because the price of this did not choose, your family really regret it. Based on respect for peers, Xiao Bian here does not mention the name of the peer
Not an expert, never know how deep the water is in this industry. Buyers think it's a big deal, and buyers never sell. As everyone knows, the final loss is still their own. Therefore, the question of price can not be determined only from a figure. The price is relative, so we should judge from the same production process and raw material, so that the manufacturers who compare with each other will be fair. It also depends on the value of the product. There is a saying that is very good, novice look at the price, old hand for quality, if you are of quality, please respect its price, if you care about the price, please accept its defects.
As an industry closely related to the mobile water amusement park, the news on the eve of the spring festival about the rising price of steel and the rising prices of PVC has been blasting the circle of friends in the industry. It will certainly be affected! Therefore, the high interest rates in all areas, low prices will not buy high-quality products, covet cheap words, and ultimately damage their own vital interests.
Just want to tell customers, friends, a price, a point of the goods! Before investing in a water amusement park, you must visit the factory site. Look at the real object, make comparisons, and make a decision! I really feel the same way!