High temperatures, mobile hot water park surge


Since June, the continuous hot weather has brought to the mobile water amusement park market! Hot summer unbearable, moving water amusement park has undoubtedly become the ideal summer resort for the general public. Recently, with the students who have entered the holiday, the move around the water park has reached the bursting state, crowded, anti human, the same as under the dumplings became the mobile water park site the most realistic portrayal!
According to Xiao Bian observed, each moving water park site basic facilities are similar, including mobile inflatable water slides, swimming pools, water jump bed, water plate and other water recreation facilities, ticket prices are basically at around 35 yuan per person, if booking through the Internet in the group purchase words may be slightly cheaper.
Underneath it with small steps to Guangzhou's largest water park site in 1000 grain moving water park! The traditional swimming pool project play a single comparison, is only a simple swimming, while moving water park is not the same, in addition to swimming, you can also experience the fun of inflatable water slides, water and water on the football field, through a variety of games, so the mobile water park by people of all ages love. The king of Guangzhou 1000 grain business mobile water park said.
Facing the present situation of mobile water park scene bursting with popularity, and how to guarantee the quality of health pool? This is also a lot of tourists are more concerned about the problem. In this regard, Wang said we can see next to each mobile swimming pool will be placed in a sand tank, the water circulation filtering device, can 24 hours nonstop to purify water, so as to ensure the water quality is clean and sanitary, then Wang also showcases the water quality monitoring report certificate. In addition, the pool, there are several lifeguards eyes have been glued to the pool, Wang said, although the water park in the water is not deep, but they still employ a number of swimming coaches and lifeguards, always ensure that people come to play safe life.
For visitors who, there is such a project for the summer, children love splashing is a good thing, they don't have to worry about summer outdoor picnic!