How to choose a suitable inflatable castle manufacturer?


Guangzhou large inflatable toy manufacturers which good? With the continuous development of the inflatable industry, at present the most popular is the large inflatable toys, in many recreational facilities can see the presence of inflatable toys. The following Guangzhou Yi children amusement equipment factory describes the basic overview of the large inflatable castle.
The utility model relates to a large inflatable toy, which is a toy made of thin film material to form a shape with tension and pressure difference inside and outside the film, and the large inflatable toy is small in size after being discouraged, and is easy to carry and collect. Large inflatable toys have a variety of features, so many people are willing to accept it, and in ordinary play can not do without it. Due to the development of inflatable castle outer membrane technology for building materials rapid and extensive use of PVC material, effectively promote the development of all the reunion of the toy industry in recent years so that the inflatable castle has maintained a good development speed.
The large inflatable castle is made of high quality PVC, which can hold up to 100 pounds, and adults can sit on it as a stool. Inflatable castles are antiknock, so even if it breaks suddenly, it doesn't explode at once. It only leaks slowly, so it's safe.
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